Heard us on NPR?

The SCAN Foundation is pleased to support NPR’s coverage of aging and long-term care issues so that communities across the country can be engaged and informed about the needs of older adults.  This project is part of the Foundation’s Public Engagement funding priority and is one of several national media partnerships aimed at raising awareness and ensuring that all Americans can age with dignity and independence.

If you have an idea for funding:

Before you submit a proposal, please be sure to carefully review the Foundation’s three funding priorities, which will help you better understand if your idea fits within our goals:

Public Engagement

Policy Solutions

Promising Programs (note: only programs in California are considered for this funding priority)

If you or an older adult are in need of supports and services:

Please see a list of helpful consumer links.

If you want to learn more about issues facing older adults:

Or you want to share this important information with others in your community, explore our Ten Things You Should Know series about aging with dignity and independence, where you will find helpful information in both English and Spanish.