Media Partnerships

As part of The SCAN Foundation's commitment to raising awareness and engaging the public on issues related to aging and long-term care, these independent organizations have received support from the Foundation to continue their important coverage of compelling and timely issues related to aging.

National Public Radio (NPR)

National Public Radio (NPR) receives support from The SCAN Foundation to continue its in-depth coverage of aging and long-term care through a variety of on-air segments and on-line news content.

Health Affairs

Health Affairs, the nation's leading health policy journal, presents: The Care Span.  With support from The SCAN Foundation, Care Span articles cover a range of topics relevant to long-term services and supports, as well as aging, disability, chronic disease, end-of-life care, community-based care, and the continuum of care.

University of California San Francisco (UCSF) for JAMA

The editorial board of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) selected UCSF to develop and review a new series titled, “Care of the Aging Patient: From Evidence to Action." is an independent, non-profit journalism project with the mission to inform Californians about public health and community health issues.  With support from The SCAN Foundation, HealthyCal covers aging and long-term care issues through its "Aging with Dignity" beat.

Kaiser Health News (KHN)

With support from The SCAN Foundation, Kaiser Health News produces articles on aging and long-term care issues affecting older Americans. Articles are posted to the Kaiser Health News Web site, distributed to KHN's daily roundup, and submitted to KHN's national media partners for dissemination.

PBS NewsHour

With support from The SCAN Foundation, PBS NewsHour, one of the most trusted news programs in public television, will produce a series of mini-documentaries on long-term care.