Webinars & Briefings

Posted January 28, 2015
To watch the video of the webinar, please click here.  You must do the following: Enter your name and the Recording ID: FWR3GH (you do not need to enter a Recording Key). Enter your email address and company name and click "View Recording." Click on the icon to start the video playback. The presentation slides are available for download below.  If you have any questions or difficulty accessing this webinar, please contact Justin Smith at (562) 308-2866.
Posted September 23, 2014
 Morning Panel:  2014 State LTSS Scorecard
Posted December 14, 2012
This presentation explores how managed care is organized and functions, and includes considerations for LTSS providers and stakeholders working in this space.
Posted September 17, 2012
Please click on the links below to read the comprehensive list of materials for the Foundation's 2012 LTSS Summit. 
Posted November 10, 2011
November 10, 2011: Inside Deficit Reduction: What it Means for Medicaid -  To watch, click here. October 11, 2011:  Inside Deficit Reduction: What It Means for Medicare - To watch, click here. September 12, 2011: Inside Deficit Reduction: What It Means for Health Care - To watch click here.