Posted February 22, 2016

In the last month, three separate groups released recommendations about how to help working Americans better prepare for their future long-term care needs and associated costs. In this Perspectives, Dr. Chernof highlights the similarities across each set of recommendations and advocates for the multi-pronged approach put forth by all groups—one that clarifies personal responsibility, outlines private market solutions, addresses long-term needs, and refocuses Medicaid’s role.

Long-Term Care Financing | Federal Budget and Policy
Posted January 12, 2016

In this Perspectives, Dr. Chernof explains what recent polling results and coordinated care stories tell us about the experiences of Medicare-Medicaid individuals, and identifies opportunities to further strengthen and expand support.

Dual Eligibles | Managed Care | Care Coordination
Posted November 2, 2015

This year's Summit created space for thought-leaders to learn and dialogue with each other about critical windows of opportunity, and how best to transform California's LTSS System.  Read Dr. Chernof's Perspectives on some key areas for system transformation that were discussed.

Person-Centered Care | CA State Budget and Policy
Posted October 26, 2015

California is among a dozen states participating in the national demonstration to improve care for people with serious chronic illnesses and functional limitations who qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare. We commissioned the Field Research Corporation to poll the state's dual eligibles, including people enrolled and those opting out in five demonstration counties as well as people in non-demonstration counties. What did the Field survey find?  People in Cal MediConnect reported positive experiences, with majories stating satifaction or confidence.

Dual Eligibles | Care Coordination
Posted August 6, 2015

Read Dr. Chernof's perspectives on the importance of forming effective health care/community-based organization partnerships.

Home and Community-Based Services | Business Acumen
Posted July 21, 2015

On July 13th, The White House held its sixth Conference on Aging.  Industry leaders and experts discussed issues shaping the landscape for America's aging future. Read Dr. Chernof's perspectives on successes and what was missing.