Who We Are

The SCAN Foundation is an independent, non-profit public charity devoted to transforming care for older adults in ways that preserve dignity and encourage independence. We envision a future where high-quality, affordable health care and supports for daily living are delivered on each person’s own terms, according to that individual’s needs, values, and preferences.

We seek opportunities for change that are bold, catalytic, and transformational to better connect health care and supportive services.   These innovations put people first by helping them stay in their homes and communities whenever possible. All of us will face daily living challenges that often come with growing older, both for our loved ones and ourselves. It is vitally important for our society to engage policymakers and the public in order to advance aging with dignity, choice, and independence.


Our Vision

A society where older adults can access health and supportive services of their choosing to meet their needs.


Our Mission

To advance a coordinated and easily navigated system of high-quality services for older adults that preserve dignity and independence.

Why was The SCAN Foundation started?

Advancing aging with dignity and independence is one of the most important societal challenges that Americans face in the modern era. As the number of older Americans increases with each passing day more people will live with multiple chronic conditions that require some form of daily support. The following questions are becoming more urgent: Who will care for our parents? Who will care for us? How much care will we need? What will our lives be like? How much control will we have over decisions about our own lives?

  • Here are some of the common but very personal challenges people encounter as they age:
  • How to manage chronic illnesses
  • How to get a little help with daily needs like going to the grocery store and keeping the house clean
  • How to stay active despite chronic pain, failing eyesight, or hearing loss
  • Worries about how to pay for care and services
  • Fears about leaving one’s home for a nursing home


Right now there is no coordinated and easily navigated system in place to support Americans who want to live independently as they age. The challenge becomes more pressing as the population of older adults increases, so it is imperative to take action now. That is why The SCAN Foundation exists, to encourage changes that will make a positive difference in each of our lives and the lives of those older adults we love.