The SCAN Foundation and Alive Ventures

Innovating with Older Adults


Despite an addressable market of over 55 million, older Americans’ needs for innovative products and services are largely unmet. A major reason is that most products and services for older adults begin with someone else’s idea of what older adults need—what providers think, what caregivers hope for, or that corporations wish older adults would just use products and services designed for younger generations.

As an organization dedicated to enhancing the capacity, resiliency, and quality of older adults’ lives, The SCAN Foundation boldly seized the initiative to address this challenge by providing its financial, intellectual, and relational capital to accelerate change by increasing innovation’s positive impact.

Alive Ventures is the result. This unique venture studio launched in 2020 brings together design talent, seasoned entrepreneurial talent, and older adults themselves to co-design and launch innovative products and services that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of older adults.