Building Resilience & Capacity

Among the new products, services, and businesses that are being developed to meet the needs and preferences of older adults, most focus on responding to only negative aspects of aging, like reduced mobility and increased dependence on others.

We envision a society that doesn’t see aging as simply a burden to be accepted, but a unique phase of life with particular joys, perspectives, and relationships to be nurtured. The Foundation is working to inspire and enable innovators to create new offerings that embrace the beauty of life as we age, and enrich the lives of older adults, families, and communities. We encourage innovators to design with older adults, not just for them.

Featured Projects

Alive Ventures

Launched in 2020, Alive Ventures creates and funds new brands, products, and services that help us enjoy later life.

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Co-Designing with Older Adults

We believe in a human-centered, co-design practice that better understands the wants and needs of older people by welcoming them into the design process.

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The Buzz

News on transforming care for older adults