Alive Ventures

“The reason we’ve launched a venture studio is that we see how little recognition there is in the entrepreneurial community for solving topics that relate to older people’s wants rather than their perceived needs.”

John Zapolski
Alive Ventures

A Mission-Driven Venture Studio

Most products and services for older adults begin with someone else’s idea of what older adults need—what doctors think, what caregivers hope for, what corporations wish people would use, etc. We created Alive Ventures because we know this isn’t working for anyone.

Alive Ventures is a startup studio that creates and funds new brands, products, and services that help us age more joyfully, and enjoy later life. Launched in 2020, the studio co-founds new companies with experienced entrepreneurs who are passionate about and committed to bringing companies to market that deliver great experiences that help older adults love, work, and live better.

Together, Alive Ventures designs with older adults, not just for them, conceiving new products and services to improve the aging experience by listening to what older adults actually want, not what the health care system thinks they want.

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