Pick Our Panels for #SXSW!

August 8, 2018

Help us showcase Millennial caregivers by bringing the Do YOU give a care? campaign to South by Southwest (SXSW) next March. Here's how! 


  1. First, join the SXSW voting panel.
  2. Then vote on our two panels below by clicking the "Vote Up" button on each webpage: 


  • Designing for the Millennial Caregiver Experience: Often coined the “selfie generation,” Millennials are often perceived as self-focused and entitled. Yet 10 million younger adults are putting their education, career advancement and relationship goals on hold to provide care for an aging relative or loved one. This unexpected shift thrusts Millennials into complicated roles, often without sufficient support. But this tech-savvy generation is embracing the challenge and reshaping the way we view caregiving. As our population rapidly ages, how can we design a better experience for caregivers and family members alike? And how does technology play a role in supporting younger caregivers?

    Bruce Chernof, President and Chief Executive Officer, The SCAN Foundation
    Lisette Carbajal, Advocate, Do YOU give a care? campaign
    Ayse Birsel, Co-Founder of the Birsel + Seck Design and Innovation Studio & Creative Director, Birsel + Seck
  • Younger Male Caregivers? They're Everywhere: The traditional caregiver for an older adult is female, middle-age, and mid-career with teenagers at home—but Millennial male caregivers are flipping this stereotypical frame on its head. Nearly half of Millennial caregivers are men just starting to pursue their education, career, and social goals. What does being a Millennial male caregiver look like in 2018? With old-fashioned ideas still present about who provides care and what one’s contribution to family looks like, how can society recalibrate and expand on gender norms and what it means to provide for each other? Explore the Do YOU give a care? community, hear from Millennial male caregivers about their experience, and learn what one advocate is doing to expand policy consciousness about this intergenerational social equity issue.

    Bruce Chernof, President and Chief Executive Officer, The SCAN Foundation
    Brian Reed, Senior Producer & Podcast Host/Co-Creator, This American Life
    Nihal Satyadev, CEO & Co-Founder, The Youth Movement Against Alzheimer’s
    Zach Gassoumis, Research Assistant Professor, Leonard Davis School of Gerontology and the Andrus Gerontology Center, University of Southern California