Blueprint for Health Plans: Integration of CBOs to Provide Social Services and Supports (Executive Summary)


The Blueprint for Health Plans (Executive Summary) highlights successful partnerships for delivering social services and helps identify future opportunities.

Date Updated: 03/05/2019

Executive Summary

In 2018, The SCAN Foundation, in partnership with Chapman Consulting, met with leaders from health plans and community-based organizations (CBOs) to better understand how these two sectors are working together to address the needs of older adults who have a number of medical and functional needs. The following is a summary of findings. The full report can be accessed here.

The current health care system does not adequately meet the needs of older adults with complex medical and social needs. The result is that care often remains uncoordinated and fragmented for older adults, specifically for those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid (referred to as dual eligible). The data shows that the integration of the medical and social models of care leads to better outcomes…

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People tend to be very satisfied with their long-term care providers when they start their care, but satisfaction decreases over time.

The SCAN Foundation aims to identify models of care that bridge medical care and supportive service systems in an effort to meet people’s needs, values, and preferences. Care coordination is a central component of this vision, which ultimately leads to more person-centered care. This brief outlines The SCAN Foundation’s vision for care coordination in a person-centered, organized system.

This policy brief describes California’s results in the 2014 Long-Term Services and Supports State Scorecard, identifying areas for improvement as well as policy opportunities to transform and improve the state’s system of care.