It’s 2019! California Needs A Master Plan for Its Diverse Aging Population


More than 80 percent of California voters expect a clear vision and long-term investment plan for our state’s older adults. In this infographic, learn about California’s changing demographics, which states are leading the way, and what comprises plan elements.

Date Updated: 02/07/2019

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The Master Plan for Aging provides a historic opportunity to design a system that best meets the needs of older Californians of today and tomorrow. This brief describes how the state can better organize resources to meet population needs through focused, coordinated leadership and system-wide planning.

California Governor Newsom called for the development of a Master Plan for Aging, which marks a historic step. The governor stated this plan will serve as a blueprint to prepare California for future demographic changes. In this policy brief, we look at examples from other states and relevant California efforts.

In this Perspectives, Dr. Chernof discusses the Administration’s plan to develop a California Master Plan for Aging (Master Plan). He frames four elements critical to the Master Plan’s success and asks all of us to reflect on what truly matters to older Californians and their families.