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News on transforming care for older adults

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    November19 th

    The field of complex care is creating models and innovative approaches to better serve people with complex care needs. Grantmakers in Aging released Creating New Connections: How Philanthropy Can Support Better Care for People with Complex Health and Social Needs, which summarizes key issues and includes case studies for funders to deepen their work.

    October29 th

    The Better Care Playbook is a resource that helps the complex care field find promising approaches to better care for people with complex health and social needs. To ensure the Playbook is highlighting the right information for you, take the survey.

    October21 st

    TSF celebrates DayBreak Adult Care Centers as this year’s Innovation Award winner! DayBreak is a member organization of our California Advocacy Network that has delivered initiative-driven leadership to improve the lives of older adults in California. Learn more.

    October13 th

    This Better Care Playbook blog features insights from interviews with more than 50 leaders in the field, each who share their perspectives on balancing margin versus mission tensions in complex care.

    September30 th

    The Better Care Playbook is continually being updated to better meet users’ needs, and several exciting changes are coming this fall. As they continue to refine their approach, they want to hear from you. Take the survey.

    August4 th

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought policy flexibilities that can array a better care roadmap for adults with complex needs. These resources highlight how Medicare and Medicaid changes are transforming care for older adults and people with disabilities.

    • NEW: Health Management Associates describes federal Medicare and Medicaid changes during the pandemic (co-funded with The Commonwealth Fund).
    • Manatt Health examines how states are using flexibilities to improve long-term services and supports (LTSS).
    • Our TSF brief unpacks how California is using these for person-centered care.

    Finally, a new Better Care Playbook blog post shares how learnings can foster health care and LTSS renovation, “making lemonade from a very sour lemon.”

    July22 nd

    Learn about a complex care management program that lowered costs and improved outcomes for people with complex care needs by adding key members to individuals’ care workers with masks

    July14 th

    For years, there has been a push toward rebalancing, or moving long-term services and supports (LTSS) service delivery away from institutions and toward home- and community-based settings. AARP recently discussed states’ progress.

    July8 th

    A new guide and worksheet from the Aging and Disability Business Institute and the National Council on Aging help community-based organizations (CBOs) develop value propositions to promote their services to Medicare Advantage (MA) plans.

    July1 st
    June24 th

    Our latest policy brief takes a closer look at how California has implemented federal flexibilities to ensure the state’s long-term services and supports (LTSS) system is responsive to the needs of older adults and people with disabilities during the pandemic. Earlier this month, Manatt Health reviewed how other states have responded to meet LTSS needs.

    Bar graph depicting the percentage of U.S. COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by Age Group

    June4 th

    Manatt Health highlights how states are using flexibilities available during the coronavirus pandemic, with an emphasis on continued access to long-term services and supports in the community.

    May7 th

    Alongside the long-term care flexibilities created due to COVID-19, mobility managers connect older adults and people with disabilities to transportation services in their communities. A recent AARP blog unpacks the latest trends.

    April28 th

    The Aging and Disability Business Institute annual survey unpacks how community-based organizations (CBOs) are adapting and expanding services to meet the health-related, social needs of older adults and people with disabilities. The deadline to contribute is May 1.

    April23 rd

    April 16 was National Healthcare Decisions Day, a time set aside to educate and empower everyone about the importance of advance care planning. To support health care professionals at the center of the pandemic, California State University (CSU) is offering free educational tools through June 30.

    Amid the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) began a series of interviews with Area Agency on Aging directors who are working across the United States.