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    June15 th

    In the latest Forefront article, TSF President and CEO Sarita A. Mohanty and The John A. Hartford Foundation President Terry Fulmer share how person-driven outcome measures benefits patients and likely helps address a multitude of pressing health care issues.

    October12 th

    A recent article highlights how person-driven outcome measures developed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) can be used to assess quality, promote person-centered care, and improve the care experience for individuals and their providers.

    August25 th

    The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) developed outcome measures that assess whether health care is helping older adults achieve “what matters most” to them.

    Learn how states can use person-driven outcomes to drive quality and accountability in contracted health plans. Watch prior webinars:

    July14 th

    Person-driven outcome (PDO) measures assess the quality of care based on what matters most to individuals.

    The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is building PDO measures into their programs for health care entities and states to consider using in order to drive quality and accountability.

    Learn more.

    • Watch a recent webinar highlighting how states can apply enhanced home-and community-based services funding to quality improvement activities, including PDO.
    • Register for the PDO briefing on July 21.
    • As part of the NCQA Quality Innovation Series, join health care professionals for the PDO course on August 4.

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    February25 th

    Read a new Playbook blog where Marc Cohen and Ann Hwang, MD discuss new research showing racial disparities in accounting for the preferences of older people, and how health systems can become more person-centered.

    January21 st

    According to new research from the LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston, one-third of older adults report that their care preferences were rarely or only sometimes taken into account, with large variations by race, income, and other factors. Learn more!

    May30 th

    With a focus on sharing skills and resources, the Aging and Disability Business Institute (ADBI) seeks to strengthen partnerships between health care systems and community-based organizations (CBOs) that serve older adults and people with disabilities.

    Aging and Disability Business Institute