About Rachel
Growing up, Rachel Hiles' grandmother played a huge role in raising Rachel and championing her career aspirations. Rachel worked as a paid caregiver during undergrad, learning how to support people with disabilities to live independently at home. After a series of falls landed her grandmother in the hospital, the tables shifted. Now 31 years old and her grandmother’s primary caregiver in Kansas City, Mo., Rachel works to support her grandma’s quality of life while pursuing her own future goals. 


About Martin and Daisy
Becoming full-time caregivers was not what Daisy Duarte and 19-year-old Martin Prado had planned. Yet Daisy’s daily schedule in Springfield, Mo., now revolves around caring for her mother, and Martin volunteered to help Aunt Daisy as his grandmother needed more care. Whether it’s feeding her meals or making sure she’s safe, Daisy and Martin strive to adapt to their loved one’s changing needs. It’s a difficult job that many do with love, responsibility, and honor.


About Lisette
Lisette Carbajal’s father got sick during her third year in college. She finished her degree, but life was a logistical and emotional balancing act. Eventually, Lisette’s dad’s needs exceeded what the family could provide at home, and he moved into a full-time care facility. Now 27 years old and living in Richmond, Va., Lisette has a career and fiancé, and is still her dad’s caregiver, his “person.” She finds comfort in knowing that many Millennials like her are navigating caregiving and becoming on-the-job experts.