About Us

Vision and Mission

The SCAN Foundation envisions a society where all of us can age well with purpose.

We pursue this vision by igniting bold and equitable changes in how older adults age in both home and community.

Aging affects all of us. Ensuring that every one of us is valued and has opportunities to age well will take all of us to solve.

Priority Populations

The Foundation prioritizes communities that have been historically marginalized with an emphasis on:

  • Older people of color;
  • Older adults with lower incomes (duals, near duals, and lower-middle income — below 400 percent of the federal poverty level); and
  • Older residents of geographically underserved areas.

We know that if we improve the aging experience for these priority populations and their networks of support, it will improve for everyone.

How We Work

The Foundation elevates marginalized voices, championing change for those discriminated against due to color, income, and ZIP code. We bridge public policy and private sector innovation, within and beyond the aging space to accelerate bold solutions with a diverse mix of partners and capabilities.

Areas of Focus

We pursue efforts to strengthen the aging and health infrastructure by:

  • Evolving models of care and financing so that health and aging supports reflect needs; and
  • Driving representation in data collection and analysis, and incentivizing inclusive technology solutions.

We work to enhance financial stability to age in place by addressing root causes of financial insecurity.

We are committed to ensuring equitable aging for all — reducing health inequities and improving the lives of all older adults.


The SCAN Foundation was created as an independent charitable organization in April 2008 through a $205 million one-time contribution from the not-for-profit SCAN Health Plan.