We are an independent public charity devoted to transforming care for older adults in ways that preserve dignity and encourage independence. We believe aging well means being able to thrive in the place one calls home. As such, we focus on myriad initiatives to improve care, services, and daily living experiences for older adults and families.

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Financial Security: Essential for Aging Well in Home and Community

Working to ensure all older adults have the financial resources they need to age well in their home and community.

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Data Equity: The Foundation for Inclusive Healthcare

Working to ensure all older adults benefit from representative, inclusive, and diverse data sets and emerging healthcare technologies.

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Advancing Health Equity in Aging

Launched in October 2022, the Advancing Health Equity in Aging initiative aims to identify the root causes of health inequities as people age, address the structural inequities caused by an uneven distribution of power, and harness interventions directly from the community to improve the lives of our priority populations. This initiative encompasses our Harnessing Momentum campaign, the annual United for Health Equity in Aging Summit, and much more.

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Innovating for Medicare Beneficiaries

There are numerous opportunities to improve equitable access to high-quality care and services for Medicare beneficiaries with chronic conditions and daily living challenges.

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Every State Should Have a Multisector Plan for Aging

Across the country, states are recognizing the need to conduct high-level, cross-sector planning to prepare for the aging population and ensure that all Americans can live and age well in community.

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How Can Systems Better Support Health and Well-Being for All?

Systems of care and support must be affordable, accessible, and reflective of the needs and preferences of older adults.



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Sustaining Flexibilities in Medicare and Medicaid

A portion of Medicare and Medicaid public health emergency flexibilities advance equitable care for older adults and should be made permanent.



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Paying for Nonmedical Needs

One of two Americans who reach age 65 will have daily living needs at some point.  It is time for affordable, accessible financing for the long term.

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California Collaborative for Long Term Services and Supports

We have built an influential and dynamic statewide network of long term services and supports (LTSS) advocates. The Sacramento-based California Collaborative for LTSS (CCLTSS) and 21 county-based Regional Coalitions connect more than 1,000 organizations and consumers with direct insight into the daily lived experience of older adults and their families and serve nearly 95% of the state’s population. Together, they are the go-to resource for state administration, legislature, and federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services about California policies and programs affecting older adults, people with disabilities, family caregivers, and the broader LTSS provider community.


The CCLTSS is focusing on the following areas:

  • Building and harmonizing representation across aging, disability, and racial and social justice sectors
  • Growing community voice in local and statewide policy and decision-making
  • Driving system change to strengthen equitable aging and health systems
  • Identifying and engaging a new generation of legislative LTSS champion

Leading the Conversation

We fund diverse partners to elevate and give voice to issues of aging, person-centered care, and long-term care.


Video Series:

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Measuring What Matters

Quality measurement based on understanding a person’s goals, and then aligning care to meet these goals, is key to transforming care delivery.

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Advancing Integrated Care

Integrating Medicare and Medi-Cal is essential to improving the lives of Californians eligible for both programs.


Past Projects:

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CBO-Health Care Partnerships

Community-based organizations (CBOs) play a central role in delivering daily living support through collaborations with the health care sector.

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Population Focus

TSF focuses on initiatives that support the well-being of those who are 65+, including the following marginalized communities: 

  • Populations of color 
  • Low-income (defined as up to 400% federal poverty level)
  • Geographically underserved: Includes individuals in rural (or urban) communities and those without adequate access to health and social care