Aging Well with Community

We are experiencing a societal shift and focus on what it means to age well and equitably. Older adults, families, and other caregivers are discussing what really matters. For instance, a majority of U.S. adults say they want to age at home and in community as long as possible.

We worked with Hollywood, Health & Society and 44 Blue Productions to highlight the lives of three older adults: Ernie, Seung, and Angela.

A Team Effort

Community can help older adults age well. This can take the form of family, friends, neighbors, and even community centers where older adults can connect with people their own age. Meet Ernie and his daughter, Sandy.

Sandy and her husband, Tony, care for Ernie in their own home. Neighbor and fellow veteran Martin also has breakfast with Ernie a few times a week. Everyone in Ernie’s “circle of support” plays a unique role in helping Ernie thrive.

Step by Step

A person’s needs will continually shift and shift again across their lifetime. In person-centered care, an individual’s preferences are tracked and their care plans are modified regularly to support the best care and quality of life possible. Meet Seung and her daughter, Grace.

Grace upholds her mom’s love of gardening and goal to remain independent but plans for future needs, such as adding raised garden beds to the backyard and teaching Seung to use an app-based service to help her get around while Grace works.

What Will It Take?


It’s time to shift the paradigm for caring for older adults. The pandemic showed us that people can be safely cared for at home or in their immediate community with the proper supports and services.

Momentum is building for comprehensive plans that coordinate care to address the physical, behavioral, and social needs of older adults. These plans support family caregivers and enhanced community services to help keep older adults and those that care for them thriving.

What can you do today?
  • Start important conversations about aging well with older adults in your life. Find out what matters most to them.
  • Find your local AARP chapter to learn about family caregiver assistance and ongoing efforts to expand home- and community-based resources near you.

A Zest for Life

Our population is aging. As a result, family caregivers are increasingly tasked with providing support to older loved ones and friends. They do so with empathy and grace, yet they need support, too. Meet Angela and Sarah.

Meet Angela and her granddaughter, Sarah. After years of traveling and making memories with Sarah, Angela moved into an assisted living facility. This environment supports Angela with daily living needs and enables the pair to continue enjoying their time together, reminiscing and perhaps planning a new vacation.