Advancing Integrated Care for Californians

Medicare + Medi-Cal

People with Medicare and Medi-Cal have choices on how to get the health care and daily support they need. This can be helpful as these programs do different things.

Medicare covers things like doctor’s visits and hospital stays, while Medi-Cal covers things like co-pays, deductibles, and some equipment and supplies.

Integrated care means a person can access medical care and nonmedical services by working through one lead entity that is responsible to provide and/or organize care.

We believe that Medicare and Medi-Cal can work better for people when these programs are combined together. We support efforts that encourage California, as well as other states, to integrate care and how to implement it in their communities.

Featured Projects

Evaluating Cal MediConnect

We collected people’s experiences of participating in the Cal MediConnect demonstration.

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My Care, My Choice

This unique website helps people with Medicare + Medi-Cal better understand their care choices based on where they live.

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