Advancing Integrated Care

Evaluating Cal MediConnect

Photo by Kristin Chalmers for Community Catalyst

“I think everything is better. [My Cal MediConnect provider] gives me better care. They tell me what they are doing to me. They are attentive of what I need.”

Cal MediConnect beneficiary, March 2016

We are gathering learnings from the real-life experiences of people participating in Cal MediConnect, a California demonstration project that brings together Medicare and Medicaid in seven counties. Below are findings from two initiatives in an effort to better understand enrollee and health care provider experiences in Cal MediConnect. Learn how it is changing the delivery system landscape in the state.

Rapid Cycle Polling

The University of California and Field Research Corporation conducted six waves of polling of Medicare-Medi-Cal beneficiaries to understand people’s experiences in and out of Cal MediConnect. The information was shared with state departments and health plans responsible for continuous quality improvement for the demonstration.

A Multiyear Evaluation

The Community Living Policy Center at the University of California, San Francisco and the UC Berkeley Health Research for Action Center conducted a three-year evaluation of Cal MediConnect. Researchers documented the impact of the program on people’s experiences with care, including access, quality, and coordination. They also examined the service delivery system’s response to the program by talking to health plans, medical care providers, behavioral health, skilled nursing, and home- and community-based services.

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