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Part of the broader Advancing Health Equity in Aging initiative, the Harnessing Momentum campaign offers cross-sector advocates and leaders meaningful opportunities to join the health equity in aging conversation through webinars, roundtables, in-person community roundtables, workshops and timely resources leading up to our annual United for Health Equity in Aging Summit.

From February 2024 – December 2024, join us to explore the key topics of: Choice around aging in place, affording aging, and healthcare access and delivery. Live webinars and roundtables will explore the key drivers of health inequities among older adults (linked to the Greater Good Studio Stories of a Movement research), while creating cross-sector synergies and community-centered solutions.


  • Aging
  • Healthcare
  • Disability
  • Social Justice
  • Racial Justice

Join the Conversation


Examining Systems: Across the Lifespan - Improving the Standards of Care in Women's Health

This virtual roundtable will bring together regional and national nonprofit partners to explore women’s health through a data informed, equity- and justice-centered lens. The roundtable will offer advocates, stakeholders, and like-minded community organizations examples of successful programs that consider the lifespan approach of access to health services for women, with a particular focus on women of color and the experiences that impact their interactions with the healthcare system as they age.



Examining Systems: The Impact of Climate Change on Older Adult Mental Health

This panel discussion brought together experts, advocates, and mental health professionals to explore how mental health, aging, social isolation, and access to services in BIPOC and rural communities contribute to health equity issues. Hear how events related to climate change have taken a toll on the mental health of older adults, the challenges facing older adults of color in particular, and some proposed solutions and investments. Join Dr. Robin Cooper, Co-Founder and President at Climate Psychiatry Alliance, Dr. Daniela Dominguez, Founder and CEO at On the Margins, and Dr. Julisa Lopez, Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California Santa Cruz to hear about their work and the road ahead.



Movement Making: A Guide to Responsible Storytelling

Stories are critical for nonprofit, philanthropic, and national organizations to advance their missions. They help to bring life to systemic issues that people face daily, demonstrate the impact that organizational efforts have on individuals, and help organizations connect with their audiences. Because organizations rely on real-life stories, they must practice responsible storytelling. This guide provides a snapshot of what it means to participate in responsible storytelling – as storyteller, but more critically in centering equity for the listener too.



Movement Making: Cultural Connections to Improve Health Equity

In this guide, view tangible, real-world examples of cultural connections leaders throughout California have used to inform community-driven solutions to health inequities. Advocates, stakeholders, and community leaders are encouraged to learn about best practices taking shape to improve health equity across California and suggestions for implementing similar approaches in their community.



Visualizing the Invisible: What does health equity mean for older adults in 2024?

We kick off this pre-recorded webinar with a grounding in the purpose and goals of The SCAN Foundation’s Advancing Health Equity in Aging Initiative and the formal launch of our Harnessing Momentum campaign. Through a timely panel discussion, cross-sector leaders representing aging, disability, racial, and social justice explore some of the most compelling opportunities for collaboration to promote shared health equity goals.