Developing Quality Measures

As care becomes more coordinated, it is time to redefine quality so that it includes how people experience the integration of medical and supportive services to meet their person-centered needs. Quality measures foster improved care delivery by holding systems accountable for helping people achieve what's most important to them.

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With support from the Alliance for Health Reform and Health Management Associates, the Foundation convened experts to identify Essential Attributes of a high-quality system of care from the vantage point of adults with complex care needs. September 2016 products:


A Better Health Care System

Based on the Essential Attributes, Next Avenue created a video encouraging audiences to picture a better health care system for themselves and their loved ones.


A Roadmap for Dual Eligibles and Quality Measurement

To understand both the needs of people who use long-term services and supports (LTSS) through Medicare and Medicaid coverage and ways to apply quality measurement to this population, the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) developed a roadmap for evaluating the quality of integrated care for dual eligibles (March 2013).


Goals to Care: How to Keep the Person in 'Person-Centered'

With co-funding from The John A. Hartford Foundation, NCQA developed case studies of organizations serving individuals with complex needs in order to identify best practices for obtaining their goals for care.