Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At The SCAN Foundation, we believe that while the aging process is universal, the experience of aging is different for everyone. We also acknowledge that historical and ongoing inequities have caused disparate outcomes for many. As part of our vision to ensure that every older adult has an ever-expanding set of choices to age well, we commit to infusing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) through all aspects of our work, both within our organization and externally, in the following ways:

  • We honor the uniqueness of every individual and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion among our staff, Board, and all our external partners.
  • We leverage the Foundation’s resources to advance equitable access to services for older adults, families, caregivers, and those working with them.
  • We foster inclusion by transforming systems of care and driving innovation based on an individual’s personal preferences elicited through person-centered care and community engagement.

Our DEI statement is dynamic. As we engage and work with grantees, consultants, investment managers, and vendors, as well as a diverse community of older adults, advocates, policymakers, and providers, we will update our statement to align with these communities and their changing needs.