Innovation Award

Learn about our previous Innovation Award winners below, and stay tuned for more on the 2021 Innovation Award opportunity!

2020 Awardee

For 2020, we celebrated a member organization of our California Advocacy Network of Regional Coalitions that has shown innovative, initiative-driven leadership to improve the lives of older Californians.

Criteria included a range of contributions, such as 1) developing forward-thinking, strategic initiatives; 2) taking risks to spearhead innovation and change; 3) illustrating expertise; 4) serving as a trusted asset to the community; and 5) being a local and/or state leader.

The winner of our 2020 award was  DayBreak Adult Care Centers.


2019 Awardee

For the 2019 Innovation Award, we partnered with the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging to identify a California city who is preparing for the growth of its older adult population, and embracing innovation opportunities.

Criteria was based on Age-Forward 2030 priority areas: (1) age-forward economic development; (2) redesigning the urban landscape for all ages; and (3) resilient networks for healthy aging.

The winner of our 2019 award was the Berkeley Age-Friendly Continuum led by the City of Berkeley. Learn more.

2018 Awardee

The winner of our 2018 Innovation Award, Alzheimer’s Los Angeles, was recognized for bringing the Essential Attributes of a high-quality delivery system to life.

Learn more about the Alzheimer’s Los Angeles Dementia Cal MediConnect Project.