2017 Pacesetter Prize Winner

New York Is Recognized for Effective Transitions

Why a Pacesetter Prize for New York?

As a proven national leader in providing access to affordable, quality health coverage and LTSS for its residents, New York’s overall rank in the LTSS State Scorecard rose from No. 41 in 2011 to No. 20 in 2017. Across all states, New York was the most improved in the dimension of Effective Transitions, rising in rank from No. 45 in 2014 to No. 32 in 2017.

New York has undertaken significant reforms to create a high-performing LTSS system, implementing strategies to improve care transitions, support community living, and reduce long nursing home stays and avoidable hospitalizations.

Success Highlights

  • New York expanded initiatives to help people living in institutional settings transition to community-based supportive housing, including the Medicaid Redesign Team placing a major focus on LTSS and care transitions.
  • Medicaid funding created new supportive housing units and subsidies for use in existing units.
  • The New York Connects program informs older adults about available private and public community-based services to meet their needs.
  • A recent state law established Advanced Home Health Aides, which provides additional training for aides to carry out more nursing tasks, such as administering routine medications in home settings.

What’s next for New York?

New York continues to advance policy and programs to improve LTSS system performance. Strategic investments being made today include:

  • Expanding a high-quality LTSS workforce;
  • Investing in community-based care in Medicaid; and
  • Encouraging managed care plans to prioritize community living for people with LTSS needs while encouraging consumer choice and control.