Older Adults of Color Experienced Worse Health Outcomes Than Older White Adults During the Pandemic


2020 data: Non-white adults 50+ reported worse health than older white adults 50+ due to a confluence of factors. COVID-19 and related challenges brought to light what many health services researchers and advocates have known for years: a series of interconnected factors contribute to communities of color having worse health care experiences—and worse health outcomes—than white communities. Marc Cohen, PhD, and his team at the LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston and Community Catalyst confirmed this inequity in a survey analysis of 2014-2020 data showing older adults of color reported experiencing worse health during the pandemic due to a confluence of factors. They reported less telehealth use (including less access to said telehealth), more delayed care, and their care preferences not being considered. VIEW CHART BOOK

Date Updated: 08/11/2023