July 12, 2023
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Reporting explores NY’s ongoing MPA efforts

“In 10 years, 1 out of every 4 New Yorkers will be over age 60,” said Adam Herbst, deputy commissioner for the Health Department’s Office of Aging and Long Term Care. “What that means is a tremendous shift in everything,” he said, “our communities, our economy, our budget, how we value our families, so many significant things.” …

“We started with small things, like putting benches near grocery stores and possibly giving the aging places to sit inside the store to rest, and slowing the time for crosswalk signals on some streets,” said architect Edward Mills, who served on the Age-Friendly New York City Commission …

Read more from a WAMC Northeast Public Radio piece about New York’s efforts to develop their Master Plan for Aging (MPA). This journalism was supported by our partnership with UC Berkeley’s Investigative Reporting Program. Also, learn more about MPA activities across the country.

Map of Multisector Plan for Aging Activity Across States