Older Adult Workforce

The Older Workforce Renaissance

Older adults who continue to seek income often also seek flexibility, which makes non-traditional and gig-based employment an attractive option to these workers. AARP MEGATRENDS – The conventional narrative that individuals will retire at 65 is becoming obsolete. Older adults are one of the fastest growing groups in the labor force, and employers who are poised to take advantage of this expanding and experienced workforce with smart, innovative approaches to workforce development/training, benefit packages, and technology that provides flexibility and accessibility can address their own staffing shortages while supporting a more financially stable aging workforce. READ FULL STORY

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Early-Stage Workforce Venture Fund, JFFVentures Will Back Tech Startups Connecting Workers with Opportunities to Build a Stronger, More Inclusive Workforce

Early-Stage Workforce Venture Fund Announces $15M First Close – “The SCAN Foundation is proud to participate in the first close of the JFFVentures Fund II, reflecting our unwavering commitment to fostering a world where all older adults can age well with purpose,” said Dr. Sarita A. Mohanty, president and CEO of The SCAN Foundation. “Employment not only provides older adults with a sense of purpose and community, but also enhances their financial resilience. The establishment of this fund is pivotal in driving innovation aimed at creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce that will benefit older adults and enrich the labor market as a whole.” READ FULL ANNOUNCEMENT