Our 2023 Kickoff

On July 19, 2023, we hosted our inaugural Summit to engage individuals working in the AGING and DISABILITY sectors with advocates contributing to the RACIAL EQUITY and SOCIAL JUSTICE movements, beginning a shared journey to expedite change.

Summit Highlights

The Power of Data and Storytelling: Let’s Change Minds and Systems to Advance Social Justice

This morning session highlighted quantitative and qualitative approaches for measuring community disparities. Attendees learned about the impact of combining data with people’s stories to address health inequities and advance social justice, and left with an understanding of using data to define a problem, exploring solutions, and engaging communities for action.

Lived Experience Matters: The Importance of Community-Based Research to Elevate the Voices of Older Adults

Greater Good Studio shared their process of engaging older adults across the state to gain day-in-the-life observations and examine health inequities, offering insights and strategies for improving the lives of older Californians who experience structural discrimination. We heard directly from older adults who provided their personal perspectives on aging and health equity, and what needs to be done to ensure every older adult has the opportunity to age well.

Diverse Perspectives from Older Adults


As part of the Advancing Health Equity in Aging initiative, Greater Good Studio embedded their team in Imperial, San Diego, San Francisco, and Shasta counties. In this March 2023 video, we are introduced to Derrion. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Derrion discusses his then-approaching kidney dialysis. He traces back what led to his health challenges – from alcohol and drugs used during his youth to escape the pain of an abusive stepfather, to growing up in an underinvested neighborhood with a lack of choices. The latter impacted everything – from the employment he secured to the food he ate.

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Quick Takes

It is critical for The SCAN Foundation to reaffirm the utilization of its privilege for good.”

Dr. Sarita A. Mohanty
President and CEO
The SCAN Foundation

We think voices from community matter, community-driven solutions matter … to reduce health inequities to improve the lives of all older adults no matter what walks of life you are from.”

Rigo J. Saborio
VP of Programs, Equity, and Community Impact
The SCAN Foundation

This Summit, it should have happened 100 years ago. My voice is tiny but if we get a group – your voices – you are the next generation.”

Harry Wong
Older Adult
San Francisco

Coalitions are essential … when you are talking about policy change and movement change and getting the community active and engaged.”

Eric Harris
Director of Public Policy
Disability Rights California

Change moves at the speed of trust.”

Ai-jen Poo
National Domestic Workers Alliance

These [the aging and disability sectors, and the racial equity and social justice movements] are important bodies of work that all have an area that touch together. Each one of these segments are so important. … We need to bring it back to a personhood approach.”

Jennie Chin Hansen
Independent Consultant
Hirsch Philanthropy Partners

Health equity is when everyone has the best opportunity to achieve their best health and wellness.”

Dr. Sherrie Wallington
Associate Professor of Health Disparities and Oncology
The George Washington University School of Nursing

It is very important for us to change the default and to blur the lines … so that the wisdom of our elders [is] designing the lead, and the strength of our youth are carrying the charge.”

LaRae Cantley
Senior Manager of Community and Wellbeing
Full Frame Initiative

You are all community builders. Go out and build community.”

Roque Barros
Executive Director
Imperial Valley Wellness Foundation

Find the ’emotional truth.’ We know how to change minds, but it’s in our emotional lives where meaning gets made.”

Ai-jen Poo
National Domestic Workers Alliance

Watch the Recording

Our packed Summit agenda sought to:

  • EXPAND the “tent” of individuals and organizations interested in the intersection of age, racial equity, and social justice;
  • ELEVATE the voices of older adults of color, highlighting health inequities;
  • EXCITE attendees by creating a unique space within California’s movement ecosystem; and
  • ENGAGE and build buy-in from attendees for participation in our larger initiative.

Watch our full recording of the day's events, including remarks made during our Networking Reception co-hosted with RockHealth.org.