Person-Centered Care

People every day, especially older adults, live their lives with chronic conditions that impact their ability to live independently and do what they want to do. Person-centered care shifts the focus so that a person’s values and preferences guide all aspects of their health care and support realistic health and life goals.

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For a provider group that treats individuals through a mix of risk arrangements, one might reasonably inquire: What is the tipping point when it becomes financially advantageous to offer person-centered care to the entirety of its high-need, high-cost population? This report by Victor Tabbush, based on research conducted with provider groups in California, seeks to answer this question and provide insights.
In his latest Perspectives, Dr. Chernof discusses the factors that must be present for health systems in California to implement, scale, and sustain person-centered care models.  

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What's the business case for person-centered care?