Who Pays for Long-Term Care in the U.S.?

This fact sheet provides information about long-term care costs and how services are paid for in the U.S.

Federal Budget and Policy

Many older adults and people with disabilities of all ages require supportive services, known as long-term care. As the population ages, demand for long-term care is increasing, along with the spending on these services. Long-term care services are financed primarily by public dollars, with the largest share financed through Medicaid, the federal/state health program for low-income individuals. Long-term care services are also financed privately through out-of-pocket payments by individuals and their families and long-term care insurance.

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The State of Long-Term Care Financing: In the United States, nearly $725 billion is spent per year on long-term care.

The State of Long-Term Care Financing: 70% of 65-year-olds need long-term care for average three years.