In this pre-recorded webinar, Sarita A. Mohanty, President and CEO of The SCAN Foundation joins Purva Rawal of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation; Narda Ipakchi of The SCAN Foundation; Amber Christ of Justice in Aging; and Jessica Vida of the Commonwealth Care Alliance. This webinar identifies next steps to build the evidence base around nonmedical supplemental benefits in Medicare Advantage. A panel discussion explores these benefits from multiple perspectives, and highlights the importance of data collection efforts to evaluate their impact.


This webinar, hosted by the California Collaborative for Long Term Services and Supports on December 13, 2022 focuses on the steps three regional coalitions are taking to develop their local Master Plans for Aging, including: forming an advisory committee, building on existing data, gathering community input, identifying potential action items, and planning for implementation and sustainability.

In January 2022, The SCAN Foundation provided support to three advocacy coalitions to develop local Master Plans for Aging with a focus on addressing the unique challenges of aging in rural communities. Over a process

In the early days of the pandemic, federal and state governments quickly implemented regulatory flexibilities to ensure that Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries could receive care safely and in their own community. As policymakers prepare for