Perspectives: California’s Pressing Need For Long-Term Care System Transformation


It’s been said that as goes California, so goes the nation. Right now, Californians are not prepared to grow old. A recent poll of voters in the state over the age of 40 shows that nearly half will need long-term care for a close family member within the next five years, yet the same amount say they couldn’t afford even one month of nursing home care.

Date Updated: 09/25/2012

Regardless of political party or income level, voters are also struggling in the current economy to meet their daily living expenses. More than 40 percent of California voters over 40 have had to cut back on food and other basic expenses over the past year. Of those who currently help pay for a loved one’s care, 70 percent are facing financial hardship. The wakeup call for the state is that the increased demand for support will come sooner than expected, and requires immediate and thoughtful action by state leaders.

“Creating affordable and accessible long-term services and supports in the face of a downturned economy is an issue facing most states in the nation.”

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