Perspectives: Thinking Strategically, Acting Expediently to Improve LTSS in California


The time to improve California’s long-term services and supports system (LTSS) is now. The state has a growing aging population, opportunities for innovation have emerged through the Affordable Care Act, California’s Senate Select Committee on Aging and Long-Term Care will soon make its recommendations to the legislature, and finally, the state is digging out of years of recession.

Date Updated: 10/06/2014

In 2014, The SCAN Foundation hosted its 4th Annual LTSS Summit to bring together advocates, community-based providers, health plans, and state administrative and legislative staff to build their knowledge and skills for developing a stronger system of person-centered care for all older Californians. The Summit was grounded in California’s ranking on the State LTSS Scorecard released by the AARP Policy Institute, with support from the Foundation and The Commonwealth Fund, earlier in the year. The state ranked 9th overall. Dr. Bruce Chernof’s Perspectives explores California’s rank and opportunities to improve the state’s system of care.