Tools for Community-Based Organizations

The SCAN Foundation offers a variety of tools for community-based organizations to value and price services for partnerships with health payers.

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Budget & Financial Planning Tool

Developed to assist community-based organizations in developing project-specific budgets, determining both expense and potential revenues over a 5-year time frame.


Pricing Guide

This guide offers narrative considerations along with helpful tools to develop pricing for integrated care and community-based services.  It covers pricing structures, how to set a price, and other pricing strategies. 

Pricing Guide: A Resource for Community-Based Organizations to Value and Price Services


Cost Per Unit Calculation Tool

This tool is an additional resource to help organizations determine the costs of services in order to set prices.

Cost Per Unit Calculation Tool


Cost Categorization Guide

Non-profit leaders must understand the different categories of cost for effective organizational decision making, product and/or service pricing, financial planning, and reviewing financial performance. 

This Cost Categorization Guide provides definitions and examples of the main types  of costs involved in organizational financial management.