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    July20 th

    Last week, Anika S. Heavener joined TSF as our first Vice President of Innovation and Investments. Most recently, Anika was a Vice President at Homethrive, where she helped the start-up reach over $40 million in total funding to support caregivers and their loved ones with the journey of aging in place. Anika will apply her extensive experience in both venture and operations to grow the Foundation’s innovation and mission-oriented investing.

    May4 th

    Despite making up more than half of consumer spending in the United States, older adults are yet to be accurately reflected in the media, products, and services that target them. A recent campaign and videos from Alive Ventures highlighted areas of opportunity for investment and innovation and the value of tapping into the market of building for older consumers.

    April28 th

    A new report from the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging identifies technological opportunities to advance health and home care solutions.

    April13 th

    The Aging and Disability Business Institute developed an Evidence Bank to help community-based organizations (CBOs) highlight their value as contracting partners to health care entities.

    April5 th

    The American Society on Aging (ASA) 2022 meeting theme is advancing economic security. Program content is organized within five areas: justice and aging, innovation and social impact, health and well-being, economic security, and ageism and culture. We are taking part in several sessions on April 12:

    • Preparing for an Aging State: Getting Started with a Master Plan for Aging (see related resources)
    • Can Medicare Help Promote Economic Security for Older Adults? An Overview of New, Nonmedical Benefits in Medicare Advantage (see related report)

    Finally on April 13, President and CEO Sarita A. Mohanty will contribute to the Advancing Tech-Enabled Health and Home Care discussion.

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    February24 th

    Health care providers and payers are increasingly using Social Health Access Referral Platforms (SHARP) to refer patients to community-based organizations (CBOs). The Aging and Disability Business Institute identified key issues for CBO’s to consider when deciding whether to work with a SHARP.

    August4 th

    TSF recently created Alive Ventures, a venture studio to reshape the innovation landscape for older adults by helping them live, work, and love better.

    • Read a new Wall Street Journal article highlighting Alive Ventures.
    • Using a co-design process, Alive Ventures sought to understand the wants and needs of older Americans. Read the report.

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    July1 st

    With Alive Ventures, we aim to inspire and support leading entrepreneurs and innovators to gain better insights into what older adults want. Dr. Chernof discussed the opportunity with Grantmakers in Health.

    Have you missed any of Alive Ventures’ Alive Live discussions on designing better products and services for aging? Check out and follow the YouTube channel.

    Youtube homepage with video thumbnails.

    June10 th

    TSF supported Village Capital to explore how startup companies can improve the design of products and services for older adults.

    The report found opportunities for innovation beyond health care needs – which is where most startups tend to focus – particularly considering designing for independence and community.

    June4 th

    Join Alive Ventures as it further explores the topic Old People Are Cool, Design for Them Sucks with Greg Isenberg and Zack Onisko. This Friday, they’ll discuss establishing and nurturing vibrant older adult communities.

    Illustration portraits of Zack and Greg

    May27 th

    Join Alive Ventures as they continue to explore the topic Old People are Cool, Design for Them Sucks with Stefan Sagmeister and Robert Wong this Friday, May 29. This ongoing series looks at design and innovation with experts and emerging voices.


    Illustration of Stefan and Robert

    May12 th

    High-quality design has made its way into just about every category of products and services except for those serving the 55 million Americans that are age 65 and older.

    Attend a webinar this Friday with American researcher, professor, and author Don Norman.

    March26 th

    Today at 10 am, PT, tune into AARP’s Coronavirus Tele-Town Hall on caring for family, friends, and neighbors during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. They’ll talk about creating a care plan, coordinating backup care, staying connected to isolated loved ones, and accessing local resources.

    In addition, check out the following:

    • We’re sharing ideas on ways to cope with the near and long-term effects of the pandemic—because we are all in this together.
    • Family Caregiver Alliance has compiled a list of resources and articles for caregivers and their loved ones.
    • An article from Recode shares how older adults can use technology to stay healthy and connected during this challenging time.
    February20 th
    TSF will be at South by Southwest (SXSW) next month. Follow all the conversation on Twitter, and join our two sessions if you’re attending.
    • Old People Are Cool, Design for Them Sucks: High-quality design has thankfully made its way into just about every category of products and services…except for things made to serve Americans age 65 and older.
      Learn what TSF is doing to improve design efforts with older adults.
    • Treating the Other 1% – Americans with Unmet Needs: One percent of people with complex care needs account for 20 percent of U.

      S. health care expenditures, and they often experience multiple medical and long-term care challenges. Join Dr. Chernof for a discussion on delivering better care to these individuals.

    Older Hispanic couple laughing.

    May23 rd

    The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released a report on how artificial intelligence (AI) applications can support independent living for older adults and people with disabilities.